"Best Time By A Dam Site"
Pictures from our 2010 Halloween Spooktacular!

This year's hosts...The Blues Brothers!

Wendy dressed for the occasion

Jake & Ellwood (aka Jerry & Fern)

Toni as Cleopatra

They came from south of the border!

Sound Bite provided the music. Great Job!

Baseball anyone?

We even had a visit form the Easter Bunny!

Sound Bite lead singer leads the hippies in song

What the heck is it?

Football season is here

Once again, what is it?

Just clowning around

Who says nuns can't have fun

I'm the plug, she's the socket

Race car fans, Danica Patrick showed up as well

Bobbing for body parts

It's in here somewhere

Come up for air!

Jake leads the game players

Put this string where? How?

Ellwood keeping the palyers honest

Do you see it?

Watch, you'll get shocked!

On to the spider eating contest

The winner!

Opera by the Phantom

Little Bo Peep, taking pictures of her sheep?

Tackle me!

What a view!

Sister, can I show you something?

Arrg! Doesn't this hurt?

On site Breathalyzer


So easy, even a caveman (and woman) can do it.

Want to be frisked? Sure why not?

Elvis was in the building!

An angel with horns!

Tiger Woods even showed up!

Winner of the most original costume...Old lady with dog on her butt!

Winner of the sexiest costume...hubba, hubba

Winners of the spookiest costume...ghoulish for sure.


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