"Best Time By A Dam Site"

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Appetizers and Munchies
Zucchini Planks $4.25
Homemade Clark Chips (Garlic salt, Cajun, Ranch, Salt & Pepper) $1.95
Breaded Clam Strips $2.95
Chicken Tenders $4.95
NEW!  Boneless Wings with your choice of sauce $5.95
Fried Vegetable Plate with Ranch Dressing $3.95
Fried Provolone Sticks with Marinara Sauce $2.95
NEW!  Pot Stickers with Chili Sauce $3.95
Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers with Cream Cheese or Cheddar Cheese $2.95
Homemade Pizza Logs with Marinara Sauce $4.50
Jumbo Pretzel with Cream Cheese or Cheddar Cheese $2.95
Spicy Shrimp with Sweet Chili Sauce $3.95
 NEW! Vegetarian Platter - fried Green Beans, Zucchini, Cauliflower and Raviolis $8.95
Hand Breaded Onion Rings

Small $2.95

Large $4.95
Breaded Mushrooms

Small $1.95

Large $3.75
Homemade Fresh Cut French Fries

Small $1.95

Large $3.75
Waffle Fries

Small $1.95

Large $3.75
Sweet Potato Fries

Small $1.95

Large $3.75
Cheese & Cracker Plate

Small $6.50

Large $10.95
Side Dressings - Small $0.25  Large $0.50
Homemade Soups and Salads
Chicken Noodle $3.95
Beef Vegetable $3.95
Chili $4.50
Caribbean Teriyaki Salmon Salad $8.95
Grilled Chicken Salad $7.95
Side Salad $2.25
Dressings: blue cheese, Italian, lite Italian, French, oil & vinegar, ranch, sweet & sour
Medium, Hot, Sweet Chili, Cajun, BB, Smokey BBQ, Butter & Garlic,
Ranch, Southern Fried, and Clark House Crispies
*New Flavors
By The Dozen $7.95

Add Celery with Bleu Cheese or Ranch Dressing

12" Cheese Pizza $6.95

Extra Toppings: pepperoni, sausage, green peppers,
hot peppers, onions, mushrooms or extra cheese

each $1.95
12" Sausage and Greens Pizza $8.75
Steak Single $5.25 Double $9.95
Ham Single $5.25 Double $9.95
Turkey Single $5.25 Double $9.95
Served with lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, mayo or Italian dressing
 NEW! Big Melvin Burger $10.95

Two 8oz. Black Angus burgers, Charbroiled, served on a toasted Kaiser roll 

Clark House Burger $6.95

8 oz. Black Angus burger, Charbroiled, served on a toasted Kaiser roll  

Clark House Junior Burger $4.25

5.3 oz. Black Angus burger, Charbroiled, served on a toasted Kaiser roll 

All burgers are served with Your Personal favorite toppings
Choose from ($.25 Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato) Onion, Pickles, Relish, Hot Peppers, Jalapenos, Mayo, mustard and ketchup
Bacon $.75 Mushrooms $.50
Skinless Chicken Breast $5.25

6 oz. Charbroiled, served on a toasted Kaiser roll                                     

Chicken Cordon Bleu $5.95

Breaded Chicken Breast, Ham and Swiss Cheese with Honey Mustard Sauce
on a toasted Kaiser roll

Chipped Steak  

Grilled Peppers and Onions on a toasted Hoagie bun


Italian Style–Grilled Peppers, Onions, Marinara Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese

Rueben $6.50

Chipped Corn Beef, Sauerkraut and Swiss Cheese served on toasted Rye bread
with a side of Thousand Island Dressing

Fish $7.25

Battered Cod, served on a toasted Kaiser roll

Meatball Splash $6.25

Homemade Meatballs, served with Marinara Sauce and melted Mozzarella Cheese
atop a Hoagie bun

Hot Dog  

On a toasted bun


With Home-made Chili Sauce

Ham & Cheese $4.95

Grilled on a toasted Kaiser roll

Grilled Cheese $2.95
12 oz. New York Strip Steak $16.95

Charbroiled medium rare, medium or medium well.
Served with a Tossed Salad
and choice of potato
Add grilled onions or mushrooms for just $1.25

Shrimp Scampi $8.95

Eight large shrimp sautéed with garlic, served over angel hair pasta

Teriyaki Salmon $12.95

Grilled salmon served with Tossed Salad, Veggies and choice of potatoe

Cod Dinner $13.95

Fried or Broiled served with a tossed salad and choice of potato

Spaghetti $6.95

Home-made Marinara Sauce, 2 Meatballs, Garlic Bread and a Tossed Salad

Brownie Bites with Ice cream $4.25
Clark Bar